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Dec 22, 2016

Owen Fitzpatrick walks us through the tangible realities of changing our perspective and story from victim to overcomer. He shares as a psychologist, therapist and coach, but also from his own, hard story. His recent TEDx talk, “Mind Control: How to win the war in your head”, has had over 50,000 views in the first...

Dec 15, 2016

Zig tells his personal story of being rejected for his first sales position. When he finally got hired, he spent two and a half years…failing. Why did he keep pursuing this sales job when he was told he wasn’t qualified, he didn’t have any affinity for the product, and ultimately he proved them right by doing a...

Dec 7, 2016

You sent in questions on specific issues addressed in recent shows…and today we answer. Tom Ziglar and Show host Kevin Miller candidly respond to real questions from real people striving to inspire their true performance!


Dec 2, 2016

Zig gives his story and Dan Miller helps us unpack the essence of overcoming vs being overcome. By life. By challenges. We dig into a drive, aspiration and the “DNA of desire”. This conversation really gets into the roots of why we do and don’t actually take action and make progress.

Nov 30, 2016

In this show, we interview…Tom Ziglar. CEO of Ziglar and leader of the legacy! We recently got an iTunes 5-star review that simply said…”More Tom”. So…we aim to deliver, and today, we are! Tom Ziglar has been CEO of Ziglar for a long time, but since Zig passed away 3 years ago, Tom’s impact has ramped up...