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Oct 28, 2016

Jeff Goins “stumbled” upon success. Meaning, he had an education, a good job, a family…and a joy in writing. So he wrote. For his work, in blogs and more, till something happened. His wife got pregnant and would lose their second income. Then he got serious. He turned his joy of writing and the value he was...

Oct 26, 2016

Chances are 99%...nobody. You are a novice. At best. Even if you’re better than anyone you know. Zig gives us the keys to what effective communication is, and how to do it well. Thanks so Salesforce for their support of this episode.


Oct 22, 2016

Aaron McHugh takes us on a journey from cultural self-preservation and conforming, to true, epic self-preservation. But it doesn’t mean quitting your job. His message frees you to have the control and joy in your work that you’ve always dreamed of. Or possibly, never dreamed was possible! Thanks to Harry’s Razors,...

Oct 20, 2016

Classic Zig gives us a 180 in this compelling message about the prices we pay today to avoid the far greater costs tomorrow. He frames it in a sales training message, but as you’ll hear in the show, we bring this incredibly valuable message directly home to your life. Mine too. Thanks to Performa Sleep and Kabbage for...

Oct 15, 2016

Forget “Keys To Success” and what you should DO. Zig gives us qualities for success and how you should BE, in order to have more success. This is the foundation and possibly what you’ve been missing in your quest!