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Nov 30, 2016

In this show, we interview…Tom Ziglar. CEO of Ziglar and leader of the legacy! We recently got an iTunes 5-star review that simply said…”More Tom”. So…we aim to deliver, and today, we are! Tom Ziglar has been CEO of Ziglar for a long time, but since Zig passed away 3 years ago, Tom’s impact has ramped up dramatically. Today we make him the focus. Who is Tom? How did he come to run the Ziglar empire, and why? And what does he see for all of us in the future? What is our hope, our opportunity? Our possibility? Then we dig into one of his favorite topics…habit. This show went deep and is a profound commentary on the status of hope, encouragement, and inspiration in today’s world. This show may be the primer you need to hear, before any other show. Thanks to Harry’s Razors and Lenovo for their support of this show.