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Feb 9, 2017

Today we hear a message from the legend of motivation and inspiration, the champion of personal development, Zig Ziglar. Today he walks us through some stats and reality of success in the workplace being highly dependent on the value of our relationships… even eclipsing our mastery of the job. The great news is it’s something we can change, immediately! He hits on 4 topics: 1) the value of appreciating others, 2) treating everyone like a VIP, 3) expecting the best from others so you can get the best from them and 4) treating everyone with care and respect. But let me caution you here, this is not about being humanitarian of the year Mr. or Mrs. Nice Guy. The point is teaching you how you can have far greater success in your life and work. And quite honestly, if you really pay attention to the message and then think about your own behavior, chances are you’ll recognize and have to admit that the qualities Zig is espousing here are not up to par in your life. But again, the great news is… you can address it now! You can take action today, and tomorrow and immediately begin increasing and securing your success. Thanks to Constant Contact, Pro Flowers and ZipRecruiter for their support of this episode.