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May 30, 2017

Dina Dwyer is back with us. In show 402 which has been downloaded over 40k times, she took us through her book, “Values Inc” proving that leading your business and career with values is not only the right thing to do, but it makes far more money! For Dina, this is to the tune of $2 billion annually. We have her back now because she’s released something new, the “Create Your Culture Workbook”, and you can have it for…free; Which you’ll very much want after hearing this interview. My analogy…if creating a mission statement for your business and work is a nice little doormat to your home, this workbook on creating the culture is actually sitting down in your living room. No comparison. Dina gives us 6 steps in the workbook to clarify our values and create our culture. Step one, for instance, is “Clarify Your Values”, and Dina literally showcases a list of 106 commonly held values to choose from. Thanks to Constant Contact, Fresh Mac, ZipRecruiter and Babbel for supporting this episode.