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Jun 20, 2017

Zig Ziglar comes to us on stage, with a compelling message on the power of reaching out to others, for two reasons. One, to go beyond just caring for yourself, so you can care for others. And two, what happens FOR you when you do so? One thing is…others reach out to help you. Zig references a charge given to him by a teacher and coach who influenced his life, and later became his father in law! The coach said, “Those of you who have an ability which goes beyond just providing for your own needs, have a responsibility AND opportunity to reach down and lift up those people who do not have that same ability and opportunity.” We have more and more people today who have great hearts, great things to offer, but they feel alone, isolated, unsupported and in many ways…stuck. If that is you, you’ll want to hear this. Or if you know someone else who may feel this way, send the show to them. Or maybe you are helping others and getting helped, this will inspire and confirm you and spur you to do more!