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Jul 4, 2017

Mr. Zig Ziglar comes with a fairly brief message that has one point: making a dramatic turn around for the good when the circumstances are in the dump. He leads off with a personal story that hits the point home and leaves us fully empowered to radically change our prospects for success, right now, especially if you feel circumstances are set against you. We then take what Zig shares and show you how the crux of his message is the crux of what you and I accept as “reality”. It’s a shift that will decide if we stay in the norm, or not. I’m serious folks. It’s a simple shift that is possibly the hardest to actually make. Which is why the masses stay just that…the masses. If you wanted to be normal, you would not be here. Stick with us in this show and I guarantee we will either massively empower you, or cause you to accept that you do not want true, positive change in your life, and save you a lot of heartache and effort. Thanks to Shutterstock, Men’s Wearhouse Suit Drive and Capterra for supporting this episode.