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Aug 1, 2017

Zig teaches on a topic that I absolutely believe is more important than any topic covered in formal education. It should be a foundational topic BEFORE any other. What is it? It’s personal relationship skills. Folks there is nothing better you can do to better your life on ALL fronts, then learn how to better connect with people and gain their trust and interest. Nothing. And if you don’t know how to do that well, you are handicapping all your other efforts in the worst way possible. Zig is talking about sales. If you are new to Ziglar, then let me fill you in; we believe everyone is in sales. Actually, it’s more than a  belief, it’s a fact. So today’s message is highly relevant for all of us. If you have relationship with anyone on the earth, you need to know how to influence and care for them well. That is called sales. So whether you are actually involved in literal sales in your profession, or you are just a human, you are in sales. We listen to Zig then break down a few high points to help you apply the principles to your life, now! Thanks to Be Frugal, Princess Cruise Lines and Capterra for supporting this episode.