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Sep 12, 2017

Rabbi Evan Moffic became the youngest senior rabbi of a large synagogue in the United States, at the age of 31. He has just released his new book, “The Happiness Prayer” – Ancient Jewish Wisdom for the Best Way to Live Today. It is derived from a literal prayer recited and sung during Jewish worship, handed down from rabbis 2,000 years ago. What’s interesting is Rabbi Moffic showcases this “prayer” is just as relevant regardless of your faith, or if you even claim faith. Which in essence makes it as much cognitive training, as it might be a prayer. We dig into why “happiness” is such a big topic today and what causes our happiness to erode. The meat of the interview is in the latter half where we dissect the 10 point of structure that cause or hamper happiness. It’s not a formula per se, but it lists out the ingredients that make or break happiness in a format we can work through and address and apply in our own lives. Thanks to Freshbooks (30 day free trial at and ZipRecruiter (Ziglar listeners can post jobs on ZipRecruiter for FREE at slash ZIGLAR) for supporting this episode.