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Sep 19, 2017

Joshua Spodek is a professor, astrophysicist, entrepreneur and about 20 other things. This profound conversation Kevin Miller and Tom Ziglar had with Joshua dissected a profound concept Joshua calls SIDCHA – Self-Imposed, Daily, Challenging, Healthy Activity. Ziglar fans have heard much about daily habits of success. But what came from this discussion was the healthy habit actions are far more valuable than the end result of that particular activity. We are talking about habits we do not HAVE to do. The daily habit of brushing your teeth, getting dressed, going to work, eating...those are have to habits. Healthy habits we do not have to do are things like morning devotions, exercise, journaling, working on improving a relationship. If we don’t do those things, generally nobody knows or cares and you do not have an immediate negative consequence. The power in doing those things is in choosing to do something you don’t have to do. Something challenging. Joshua’s new book, “Leadership Step by Step” – Become The Person Others Follow is unlike any other leadership book, as it doesn’t simply teach you leadership skills, it makes you take action and learn how to actually lead. Self-Imposed, Daily, Challenging, Healthy Activities. To grow into a leader, even if it’s simply learning to lead yourself!