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Oct 20, 2017

In my interview with Greg McKeown, author of the book, “Essentialism”, he cited his fave Zig quote/concept was, “See You At The Top”, because 1) “There is always more room at top than the bottom" 2)“Life can be of ever increasing contribution" 3) “Our greatest contribution always lies ahead of us, not behind us.” From that I posted this question on my agentkmiller Facebook page:

What role does "motivation" play in your real, day-to-day life? There is plenty of baggage associated with the word? I'm asking for some show content, so as always...looking for real feedback, not platitudes. Thank you!

We got a wealth of responses that my cohost Michelle Prince and I covered…it was incredibly insightful into this world of personal development and motivation that admittedly has some differing perceptions and values to people. It ended up getting broken down into two parts, 1) motive as the core desire you have to pursue something, but then also 2) what you do to motivate yourself to take action when those times come and even though you want the achievement, you just don’t feel like doing the work. It made me really look at the topic differently. I expect it will for you too.

Thanks to all of you who have been leaving new reviews in iTunes! That helps us get seen by more people. If you haven’t…will you?