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Oct 25, 2017

Round two with Tom Bilyeu in the show everyone is already raving about…Habits. We take the 7 spokes on the Ziglar Wheel of Life and ask today’s biggest world influences, what their daily habits are in each of these areas.
If you didn’t catch the show prior to this one, episode 495 with Tom Bilyeu…gift yourself and go listen. It was one of more harder hitting shows on the nitty-gritty of walking out our personal development endeavors. The highlight for me was choosing to’s your fault. It’s all…my fault. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it. But it’s a massive freedom.
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In this show, you’ll hear how this legend in the wellness industry hates working out, how he had to stop working non stop for his marriage, how reading is his passion and road to self-improvement and why he loves playing video games with his wife!
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And folks, while we keep this show free of any offending language, we don’t commit to this from all the content our guests put out.