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Feb 25, 2011

Zig Ziglar teaches you the importance of knowing exactly where you are on your goals at all times.

floyd elliott
over twelve years ago

Mr. Zigler,
I am a man of 78 years. I don't work, that is I don't get paid for working anymore. I do favors and I like it. The question I want to ask you is do you speak to those of us that has retired and what are some thins we can do to improve our minds. I don't suppose I will ever besatisfie with what I know now. I want to know some more. I especially want to know more how to help myself and others. How do you approach and help others. It is a ratherticklish thing with me. I know exactly what they need, but how to et it accross tothe without causing a frindship to break up. Thanks for alowing me to speak my mind and you listning to me.
E. Floyd Elliott (floyd)